Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum is an attending cardiologist, specializing in prevention. She has recently opened a private practice in New York City, at the Juhi-Ash integrative health center encompassing heart health, wellness and prevention, as well as the effects of stress and inflammation on heart health. She is the founder and President of SRSHeart, a personalized lifestyle management program using anatomy, physiology, functional data, genetics and metabolism, along with technology to reach ultimate cardiovascular health. She has been the Director of Women’s Cardiovascular Prevention, Health and Wellness at Mt. Sinai Heart in New York City, after being the Director of Women’s Heart Health at Northwell Lenox Hill. She is the author of Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum’s Heart Book: Every Woman’s Guide to a Heart Healthy Life, teaching all women how to lead the healthiest lives by living from the heart and Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally, with the editors of Prevention. She has been awarded a New York Times Super Doctor, a Castle and Connolly Top Doctor for Cardiovascular Disease, and New York Magazine’s prestigious Best Doctors in the New York edition.

Dr. Steinbaum is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. She is a National Spokesperson for the Go Red for Women campaign and chairperson of the Go Red for Women in New York City. She is on the New York City Board of the American Heart Association. She has recently been named to the Scientific Advisory Board of the Women’s Heart Alliance.

Dr. Suzanne has devoted her career to the treatment of heart disease through early detection, education, and prevention. She has lectured nationally on topics of coronary artery disease, Women and Heart Disease, and prevention. She is often cited in magazines and newspapers and is regularly seen on network news health segments as a leading consultant in the field of cardiology, women and heart disease, and prevention. She is often a guest on the network television show, The Doctors, and has been a guest on Good Morning America and The View. Her true passion in prevention for women’s hearts was seen on The Today Show.

She is regularly interviewed for breaking news, and is a contributor to many news outlets, as well as an invited speaker to events impacting women’s heart health and women and heart disease. Some recent highlights have included speaking at the United Nations, Ideagen Empowering Women and Girls 2030 Summit, expanding the vision of women’s heart health with her message. She was asked to speak at the launch of “Be Brain Powerful” with former First Lady, Laura Bush. She represented the American Heart Association at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists national conference for the release of the ground-breaking Practice Bulletin, “Pregnancy and Heart Disease.” She was also interviewed for the TIME magazine timely article, “Women Die From Heart Attacks More Often Than Men. Here’s Why — and What Doctors Are Doing About It.”

Dr. Steinbaum’s approach to a heart-centered life is detailed in her book, where she shares both her philosophy and practice, including concrete changes to improve health, and heartfelt advice for wrangling with the stressors of life that can hurt the heart. She focuses on the whole woman and the lifestyle issues beyond the numbers. Dr. Suzanne’s explanation for life balance, success, healing, and ultimate happiness is simply described as “living from the heart.”

Her philosophies and perspective of overall heart health, prevention and wellness can be seen in her writings. She is a regular contributor to Bottomlineinc.com where her views can be found in the monthly blog, “At the Heart of it All.”

She has hosted a television show, “Focus onHealth”, developed an app called MyWanda, been an editor for WebMD and has been involved in all aspects of media, communication and education in the pursuit of helping women empower themselves to live their best lives.

Her approach to health has led her to being on the Scientific Advisory Board of Peerbridge Health, the first medical grade wearable device focusing on proactive heart health. She was on the Scientific Advisory Boards of the Grain Foods Foundation and the Global Nutrition and Health Alliance, both addressing healthy food issues, nationally and throughout the world. She is on the scientific advisory board of the David Lynch Foundation, using Transcendental Meditation for improving health metrics, quality of life, and for stress reduction.

Her unique perspectives on health, wellness, and overall vitality by living a heart-centered life can be found at www.drsuzannesteinbaum.com, on Facebook at Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum and Twitter at @DrSteinbaum.